Phrases-to-Pages Con Edition Winner Christian Espiritusanto

P2P artist winner Christian Espiritusanto with Pronto Comics editor in chief Dominic Sparano.

By David Rondinelli

Last month, Pronto Comics brought its semi-annual networking and creative workshop, Phrases to Pages (P2P) to Big Apple Con.

For those who have yet to attend, the main event at P2P is Pronto’s writing and drawing contest, in which aspiring writers and artists are paired up, given a phrase, and instructed to create a one-page comic based on a phrase. The work is then judged by professionals from the comics industry, and first, second, and third place winners receive prizes and get published in a special P2P comic book.

P2P Con Edition was the first time the event was held right at a comic convention, but it certainly won’t be the last!

The phrase this time was: “Oh the things you can do with a sorcerer’s stone.”

Now, Pronto is thrilled to announce our first place winners: artist Christian Espiritusanto and writer Jesse Pindus, for their comic, “Dating App.”

Together, the pair created a funny and charming story of a sorcerer using his magical stone to turn a bad date into a charming companion. With a humorous punch line and a clever premise, it’s easy to see why Espiritusanto and Pindus took first place. Below, we talk to Espiritusanto about his experience.

A native of Jersey City, NJ, Espiritusanto started drawing at a young age, creating stories as early as age 5. He hasn’t stopped drawing since! In 2016, he furthered his education and love of comics by attending the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning with the hope of breaking into the comic industry. Now working as a freelance artist, Espiritusanto’s latest pin-up work can be seen in issue #18 of The Walking Dead official magazine.

Click the image to read Christian’s comic full-size.

Pronto Comics: Tell me how it felt participating in Phrases-to-Pages?

Christian Espiritusanto: I had a great time teaming up [with writer Jesse Pindus] in creating a killer page. It was definitely a lot of fun.

PC: Did you find the phrase challenging to illustrate when you had a limited amount of time?

CE: With the time limit, I knew I had to create something quick that would capture the topic and keep the panels interesting to the reader. That is what’s important to me.

PC: What approach did you take to laying out the page and adding the detail?

CE: I approached the page with the direction from the writer giving me what he wanted in every panel, and I let my imagination flow.

PC: What was is like collaborating with someone you just met?

CE: It was a lot of fun and exciting to work with someone new.

PC: Would you like to pursue making comics in the future? If so, what do you have planned?

CE: I am currently working on my own comic book called Warriors Amongst Realms, which will be out in October and presented at New York Comic Con this year.

See more of Christian’s work on Instagram @artofChristianEspiritusanto, or reach out on Facebook.

Pronto Comics Fundraiser on Indiegogo

Pronto has launched its very first Indiegogo campaign! We’re trying to raise $4,500 to cover operating costs for the rest of the year, and we’re currently a third of the way to our goal! You can donate here: Any amount helps, and all contributions, even as little as $5, come with a great perk! Check out our press release below and pass it along (click to view full size and/or download). Thank you to all our supporters!

press release

Signings, T-shirts and other Pronto Comics News

Hey Pronto Comics!

Big things are happening this summer and we wanted to make sure you all knew about it:

On June 21st Collectors Kingdom will be hosting a signing during their summer sale. Pronto comics will be signing copies of Pawn, Myth vs. Zombies and Comicly Absurd Comics. They will also be selling special, limited edition t-shirts and doing sketches!

Pronto Comics is now taking orders for t-shirts. There will be 4 different style: the standard black with logo, logo over the breast pocket and baseball shirts in 2 colors – red and black. Printing will be done by Five Star Printwear and a previous Pronto Comics collaborator Gary Cohen. If you’d like a t-shirt please email Editor-in-Chief Dominic Sparano ( and you can  paypal the money (shirts are $18) to









Finally don’t forget about our upcoming event, Phrases to Pages. If you’d like to know more, check the link and we’ll see you on the 28th!


Dominic Sparano
Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!

Phrases to Pages

Hello Pronto Comics,

I am pleased to announce that Pronto Comics is hosting its first fundraiser, entitled “Phrases to Pages” at Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue, on Saturday, July 28 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The event will feature contests, industry guests, refreshments, music, and more, including free drinks sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and Casa Herradura Tequila. Bring your portfolios and scripts, as Pronto Comics will also be reviewing portfolios and scouting for new talent.

Contests will consist of writers and artists pairing off, being given a mystery phrase, and drawing and writing one comic book page based on the phrase. Special guests from the industry, including Simon Fraser and Ken Knudsten (plus more names to come) will judge the winner. Winners will receive prizes!

Please note, this event is 21+ only. Entry is only $10. Funds raised from Pages to Phrases will help in the operating costs of Pronto Comics and will allow Pronto Comics to continue to provide services for everyone working to develop their comic book career. RSVP on Facebook is requested but not required.


Dominic Sparano
Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!

System Failure Signing

Recently on July 16th Josh Cabrera and Ben Schwartz signed copies of their new book System Failure at Collectors Kingdom in Huntington Station, Long Island.

The signing was a product of Pronto’s June meeting that featured Mike Bradley, owner and operator of Collectors Kingdom. Mike came down to Pronto to discuss the best strategies for independent publishers to get into stores. You can read his advice to Pronto in  an earlier posting.

After the meeting Josh and Ben took the initiative and asked Mike about doing a signing at his shop, a few phone calls later and a date was set.

The signing turned out to be a great success for Josh, Ben and System Failure with approximately 30 copies being sold as well as Ben doing sketches for fans. As the signing was happening Mike shared a little more advice about the benefits of signings:

You don’t have to compete for attention with other creators, like at a convention.

All the money made is profit, since there is no overhead for a table and the signed copies were selling for $5.

It is direct interaction with the comics fan base.

Every book sold is to a brand new fan.

To see photos from the signing you can go here, to keep on top of all the Pronto news, job listings and general fandom feel free to like our facebook page, and as always to read our latest comics go to