Lets get social

For those that are interested tomorrow will be Pronto’s 1st social. It is open to everyone and anyone. No matter if you have been involved with Pronto from the beginning, came aboard mid year or are currently contemplating joining up with us now. Also if you are a fan, friend or family of Pronto we would love to have you come as well.

Honestly this evening is all about pizza, beer and comics. So if you want to talk about making them great! If you want to talk about what Pronto has made Great! And if you just want to talk about how Spider-man has sucked since Brand New Day, how Bendis has a strange obsession with all things Avengers, how Grant Morrison’s Batman story line might be one of his most confusing of all time, or all the above plus a little more, then GREAT!!!

We at Pronto hope to see you Thurs July 22nd @ 7pm at Pronto Pizza on 41st between broadway and 6th ave.

See you then!

The Creative Meeting

Last night was Pronto’s first creative meeting. A lot of ideas and topics were discussed including:

Pronto’s creative needs – we need more artists

Character ideas

Finding inspiration

Tips and Strategies to get over writers block

The creative meeting will be held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Pronto Pizza (between Broadway and 6th on 41st)

Our next gathering will be July 22nd. It will be a purely social event. If you’ve been reading about Pronto and would like to get involved or just meet some people and talk about comics this is the meeting for you. Again it will be held at Pronto Pizza at 7pm.

What’s new with Pronto

Hey Everyone,

First we at Pronto comics would like give a very big heartfelt “Thank You” to Nick Lowe for taking the time to come down and talking to use. Hey was more then gracious and answered every question that was asked. It was an excellent meeting that everyone who attended enjoyed. 

Today we have several bits of news to announce:

First – “Under the Gun” the first story from our up coming War anthology has been released onto prontocomics.com. It was written by Chris Murphy and illustrated by Earl Barrett-Holloway . You can check it out here: Under The Gun

Second – Due to Pronto’s exponential growth we’ve decided to expand from 1 meeting a month to 3. There will still be our 1 Thursday of the month meeting at Pearl Studios. This will be for mainly business and voting on major decisions.

However, now there will also be a Creative Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. This will be held at Pronto Pizza on 41st St (between Broadway and 6th Ave) and its main purpose will be to discuss creative pursuits in comics and to help creators network. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

Finally, there will also be a Pronto Social Meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month. This will also be at Pronto Pizza and it is for those who joined Pronto, or are interested in joining Pronto, not just to make comics and connections, but also to make friends. 

Third – We are close to our goal on kickstarter. We just need a little more support, if you haven’t backed us yet, we would appreciate the support. 


And that is this weeks Pronto update!