Advice from a shop owner!

As a previous post mentioned, in June Mike Bradley from Collectors Kingdom in Huntington Station Long Island stopped by. Here is some of his advice to Pronto:

Notes from July 7th Discussion w/ Mark Bradely
· Make friends w/ retailers; they can help promote
· Meet deadlines; will lose audience if issues take too long to come out
· Create rapport w/ store owners by getting their opinions on books. TAKE opinion, then read & discuss.
· Don’t become a pest & be too aggressive – store owners are doing you a favor (they carry indie books out of a love for the hobby, not b/c they’re making money)
· Shops find it harder to move digest-size / B&W / ash-can style books, and likely won’t give them the same focus/attention as reg. Comic-sized color glossy titles
· Best situation = consignment. Put X # of copies in the shop and see if they sell
· Get books OUT as cheaply as possible; lower cost = higher sales. Anything over $3 starts to meet w/ customer resistance
· Talk to retailers about putting their ads in your books to help w/ printing costs. Print more @ lower cost – gets more copies into distribution
· Doing promotional events in stores is comparable to cons – get more people interested, don’t be afraid to ask shop owners. HAVE A GAME PLAN. Events need to be of mutual benefit.
· Align promo events w/ store sales for max traffic. Can offer stores a percentage of profits but not mandatory
· Diamond is hard for indie books to break into. They are more apt to take in a more expensive anthology book ($10 or more) if it will sell. Min print run on reg books is about 300-500 / purchase @ 65% off
· Diamond = International. Will immediately hit every store in the world. Full page ads run about $2500 and GUARANTEE sales. A-D names more common – listed first
· MERCHANDISING: have to establish a property worth merchandising before you market it. Recurring logos, characters, etc. Start small – stickers, buttons, cards, magnets, etc.
· Use conventions as a chance to talk to dealers. Do they have a store? Are they willing to stock your books? Try to wholesale books to the stores.
· SUNDAYS are best (slowest) / lull on Saturday when they’re in a good mood
· Promote books far & wide and see how well they take off. Every store/state is different. Indie books more prone to variation between locations
· Print-on-demand sites for indie books can help reach a broader audience

The Retailers’ Point of View

Mike Bradley, the owner of Collectors Kingdom in Huntington Station, Long Island, visited Pronto Comics at June’s monthly meeting to give us his opinions as a comics retail professional.

Mike Bradley at Pronto

Mike Bradley at Pronto

Creators Bulletin Board – June 2nd 2011

Our fellow Pronto member Jesse Landau is looking for an artist to illustrate a 14 – 16 page story from his script about an otherworldly nomadic tribe abandoned by their God.

He says: “It is gothic, bloody, and full of great opportunities for the artist to use their imagination.”

Post in the comments section below or e-mail me at to get in touch with Jesse.

And remember that we are here to help you creators connect with one another!