Advice from July’s Guests

This past July Pronto hosted Rebekah Isaacs and Jon Price the artist/writer team behind 12 Gauge’s Magus. They were kind enough to spend the evening with Pronto, sharing some of their advice and experiences as comic creators on the rise.
On Networking
School and professors can help
Networking communities and events (like Pronto) are good opportunities
Conventions are good as well
Send your stuff where ever you can
Build relationships cause people talk to each other
On Pitching
San Diego (or any large con) is not a good place to pitch to an editor
Editors are more likely to read a quick 1st issue
emails are a great way to go for artists, but nothing over 10 mb
Be confident in yourself and your idea
Have a small, well put together pitch
– 1 paragraph synopsis
– Very tight thumbnails
– Condense your premise down to one sentence
The nicer you are and more professional the better
On Approaching an Artist
Look for one just out of school
On the cusp of breaking in, but hasn’t gotten anything
Ask, “What are you working on?”
Still look to DeviantArt, Drawing Board, Pencil Jack an others
Being able to pay anything shows you’re serious
$25 a page minimum
On Getting Published
Companies don’t want to pick up full series
They like mini-series
Image isn’t the pickiest
They require first 5 pages, full art (they like pages)
They are a good gateway company
On Being Published and in the Industry
Being published is good but not a magic bullet
12 Gauge did an 80/20 split on Magus
Bulk of profits does got co creators
Magus sold ok, but the creators didn’t make any money
The profit margins are better in trades
Graphicly is a good company to work with for putting out your content
Comics are a small community, so don’t be a dick, people will talk.
Social media and interviews are a good way to promote your book
On the CGS Super Show
Excellent show
A very supportive group of people
People who go are there to spend money
Good for commissions
One of the best shows to sell and make money
Highly recommended con