A new year for Pronto

As the new year is upon us, pronto comics has many things in the works.

Here are just a couple of things that you, loyal fan, can look forward too:

New Comics – Currently we have several anthologies in several states of production. A new issue of Into the Void will be coming out soon, as will the long-awaited War Anthology. Many of our writers and artists are also working on individual projects so expect new work there such as a new issue of System Failure by Josh Cabrera and Ben Schwartz.

New places to get our comics – We are constantly looking for new venues both online and in new shops. So makes sure to keep visiting Prontocomics.com to find out where you can buy them.

More Special Guests – This month Pronto will host DC penciller and comic book professional Christ Batista. All are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held Thursday, January 6th @ 8pm at Pearl Studios (500 8th Ave) in the penthouse.

More Convention Appearence – Want to meet the men and women behind Pronto Comics, but can’t make one of the meeting. Come and check us out at the next upcoming convention. As of now, we are planning on attending Mocca, so mark it on your calendar.

So that is a small preview of what’s going on with Pronto Comics in the new year. Keep coming back for more updates.

Dominic Sparano


Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!


More news and a special guest!

Things, as always, are rolling along for Pronto Comics.

As we head into the holiday season and subsequent New Year, Pronto has a lot of new and exciting ventures in the works. New titles will be coming out soon such as: Into the Void 3, a war anthology, Pronto Spectacular #1, and a whole slew of independent projects from many Pronto creators like Siege & Will Denizard, Josh Cabrera & Ben Schwartz, James Babbo and many others.

To that end Pronto has become a publisher on Drivethru.com. This will allow us, to sell to you our fans, pdf files of new and old Pronto projects.

So look for the links on prontocomic.com in the very near future.

Also on Dec 2nd we will be having a special guest at our monthly meeting. Ken Knudtsen, creator of I hate Zombies, Crowpsey/Rufus & Cleveland and My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer, will be talking to us @ 8:30 at Pearl Studios. for more information about Ken check out his myspace page. It has a ton of links to his work, current projects, examples of his art and numerous other goodies.

So on behalf of Pronto Comics, we hope to see you at the meeting and have a Happy Holiday Season.

Dominic Sparano

Editor -in-Chief

Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!

A Bunch of Meetings and Updates

So there is a lot going on in Pronto comics these days and here is some of it:

Our anthologies

As of now Pronto has multiple anthologies in the works, some of which will be ready for Ocotober.

Currently we plan to have these projects for October: 1 (perhaps 2) Space anthologies, Eric is pushing hard to have something done, James will have a printed two issue version of his webcomic Dial Zero with space in the back of each issue for an add and a pinup.

The following though is a list of all our anthologies. If you have been following Pronto for awhile now and are interested in them and would like to participate,  feel free to get in touch with the appropriate editor. Send us an email with and introduction and some examples of your previous work and we promise to look it over and get in touch.

Space – is currently looking for inkers and colorists. If you are interested you can email Patrick (pmaccc@aol.com)
Fairytale – is accepting scripts. If you are interested you can email James B. (maxmeanie@gmail.com)
Blackout – will begin in the fall. If you are interested you can email Jorel (Silentthoughts88@hotmail.com)
Pronto Spotlight – needs 2 pencilers. If you are interested you can email Ray (ray.crisara@aig.com)
Pronto Spectacular – Achilles has set a final deadline of August 19th, all pages need to be sent to him by that date, (achillesyeldell@hotmail.com)
Pronto Comics Presents – is full, but if you want to contact him for more details you can email Gary (gmp1074@gmail.com)
War – is moving slowly and we could still use 2 pencilers. Email me if you are interested Dominic (dsparano@hotmail.com)
Online Store Option
Pronto Comics has many purposes, one of the being to expand our market and promote our creators. For that purpose we will be expanding onto some new sites and creating online stores. Lulu, drivethrucomics and createspace are all site of interest that will allow our members to sell the books online. This is not a mandatory part of membership. This is merely an option for those members who wish to pursue it.
There are many reasons why Pronto Comics will be offering this option to our members. If you have any questions about why we are pursuing the online market please feel free to email me directly at dsparano@hotmail.com. Once the online stores are in place a “how to” will be sent out as well as a F.A.Q sheet.

The Animation Division
We have a lot of writers with a lot of ideas. Currently we have more scripts then artists to draw them, but amongst our artists we have several animators. Finally we have a youtube channel. Contemplating these variables we have started an animation division. If you are interested in submitting a script or joining the division please get in touch with either myself (dsparano@hotmail.com) or Ignacio (ignatz@techemail.com).
We made our goal of $1800 and as well speak Kickstarter is currently collecting that money for us. We discussed what we want to do with that money and currently we plan to use it for booking tables and convention and helping to cover printing costs.
As we all know we have 2 major conventions coming up. Wizard (the first weekend in Ocotober) and ComicCon (the second weekend of October). However we are also looking into a smaller convention in Sept in NJ. Also there is another show in Brooklyn in December. Also we have already begun to look into the next Mocca festival. If you have any ideas or news about upcoming convention please direct them to Izzy our Conventions Coordinator  (izzyL@prontocomics.com).
The Creative Meeting:
Tuesdays meeting functioned more as a meet-up a creative update then an organized meeting. A new and interested illustrator came, Ben Schwartz (www.wackyfuncomics.com), and got to know some of our writers heard from several editors about projects that could use his talents. 

For the most part it was a great meet-up time. Artists, writers and editors got to meet up and discuss projects together, which is the ultimate point of having the meeting.

Lets get social

For those that are interested tomorrow will be Pronto’s 1st social. It is open to everyone and anyone. No matter if you have been involved with Pronto from the beginning, came aboard mid year or are currently contemplating joining up with us now. Also if you are a fan, friend or family of Pronto we would love to have you come as well.

Honestly this evening is all about pizza, beer and comics. So if you want to talk about making them great! If you want to talk about what Pronto has made Great! And if you just want to talk about how Spider-man has sucked since Brand New Day, how Bendis has a strange obsession with all things Avengers, how Grant Morrison’s Batman story line might be one of his most confusing of all time, or all the above plus a little more, then GREAT!!!

We at Pronto hope to see you Thurs July 22nd @ 7pm at Pronto Pizza on 41st between broadway and 6th ave.

See you then!

What’s new with Pronto

Hey Everyone,

First we at Pronto comics would like give a very big heartfelt “Thank You” to Nick Lowe for taking the time to come down and talking to use. Hey was more then gracious and answered every question that was asked. It was an excellent meeting that everyone who attended enjoyed. 

Today we have several bits of news to announce:

First – “Under the Gun” the first story from our up coming War anthology has been released onto prontocomics.com. It was written by Chris Murphy and illustrated by Earl Barrett-Holloway . You can check it out here: Under The Gun

Second – Due to Pronto’s exponential growth we’ve decided to expand from 1 meeting a month to 3. There will still be our 1 Thursday of the month meeting at Pearl Studios. This will be for mainly business and voting on major decisions.

However, now there will also be a Creative Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. This will be held at Pronto Pizza on 41st St (between Broadway and 6th Ave) and its main purpose will be to discuss creative pursuits in comics and to help creators network. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

Finally, there will also be a Pronto Social Meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month. This will also be at Pronto Pizza and it is for those who joined Pronto, or are interested in joining Pronto, not just to make comics and connections, but also to make friends. 

Third – We are close to our goal on kickstarter. We just need a little more support, if you haven’t backed us yet, we would appreciate the support. 


And that is this weeks Pronto update!