Closer to a new anthology and an expanding network

So as January wraps up, we at Pronto Comics are finishing up our latest anthology which will titled “Kicked.” The anthology will be composed of stories that deal with the sidekicks of Captain Awesome.  Right now we are in the process of wrapping up pencils, and subsequently the entire art process. By the end of February we will be moving to the printing stage and preparing on having the book ready for the Mocca Convention in April.

So in the coming days you can look forward to a brand new anthology, from your new favorite comic company.

While waiting on the new anthology, please feel free to check out our other titles and books: The Pronto Store

We’d also like to talk for a moment about our ever-expanding social network. Currently we have 125 fans and counting on our facebook fan page. As for our Twitter account we are slowly growing followers in the comic industry. Finally on our Myspace we are reaching out all across the land. We now have comic books friends from coast to coast and we’re still growing.

So to maximize your Pronto Comics experience, we highly recommend you join us on the world-wide web, in ALL venues.

Thanks for your time and keep looking to Pronto for all your independent comics choices.

New titles, articles and sites

So as always we are busy here at Pronto Comics.

We have another title out by the artist/writer Dumok: Shadow-Root Long Dark Knight of the Soul. You can check it out at our lulu store.

Also we have a new article about our company on You can check out the article by going here.

Finally we have a new site devoted to Pronto. You can check it out by going to

So check out our links and be prepared for a new anthology in the coming months as well as some new individual titles.

And remember make your next comic a Pronto Comic!

A New Year and New Developments for Pronto Comics

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Pronto Comics Nation!

We here at Pronto comics hope you had a wonderful and happy holiday season. With the new year comes new adventures and stories from Pronto Comics.

One new story is Onus: First Act. The new super hero story from Jorel Lonesome. He recently completed the script and now it will be going to the artists.

Dumok the artist and writer has just finished pencils for a new comic Shadow-Root 1 and will now be moving onto inking and penciling.

Speaking of art, Pronto Comics has some new artwork to display from a new artist, Dave Curtis. To see his art work your can go to and click on the Dave Curtis set.

Finally we’d like to mention our ever-expanding social network. Recently we broke the 100 fans mark on our facebook, fan page and are now encroaching on 120 fans. Our twitter account is slowly growing with more and more followers and you can follow us too by going to: Also we are expanding across the nation via Myspace connecting with legendary creators like Stan Lee, as well as different publishing companies and comic book shops. Now we know the Myspace is a bit old school, but c’mon check out our page anyway,

So come and join on the world-wide web and check out the new face in comics!