Review ~ Justice League #22

War Begins in Justice League #22
By David Rondinelli

1Trinity War gets its official start in Justice League #22, in which we see battle lines drawn as two of the three teams start with a face-off that takes readers into the fictional city of Kahndaq, Africa.

Opening with an eerie tone, we first see a random woman seeking out the advice of DC’s most prominent mage, Madame Xanadu. In her last appearance in Justice League Dark, Madame Xanadu made what appeared to be a departure from the team, like many of the revolving-door characters before her.

Setting precedence over the rest of the issue, we see a new vision that doesn’t relate to the customer in question, but instead foretells of impending doom that will spread all across the DC Universe, complete with burning cities and disillusioned heroes muttering of things to come. That’s usually how these things go and, frankly, most readers welcome the chaos. These are super heroes, after all.


The Crusty Curmudgeon’s Comic Classics ~ These Are the Days of Our Lives (in the Savage Land): Examining Ka-Zar the Savage

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kazar03Ka-Zar is a character with a long, spotty history. He got his start all the way back in the pulp age, where he first appeared as “Ka-Zar the Great” in 1936. He was then one of several characters to make his first comic book appearance in Marvel Comics #1 (cover date October 1939)—part of a cast that included Carl Burgos’s Human Torch and Bill Everett’s Sub-Mariner. But the Ka-Zar we know today (the Kevin Plunder version) first appeared at the dawn of modern Marvel in the pages of X-Men #10 (March 1965).

If you’ve never heard of him before, it’s understandable. Since that issue of X-Men, Ka-Zar has appeared in several different series under his own name, only to see each one of them cancelled. If you blinked you probably missed them.