Pronto Presents: AG, Writer and Creator of “Core”

Pronto Presents: Writer and Creator of Core – AG
By David Rondinelli

Core follows the story of Redd, a young boy who has a passion for robot battling, set against the backdrop of a futuristic world in which he lives a blue-collar life as a scavenger. However, a chance discovery sets Redd up for a quest that could take him from his humble life to an adventure among the stars.


AG himself, in cartoon form.

Before jumping into Pronto Comics’ new action/sci-fi world of Core, get to know the creator behind the book. Although his pen name is short and to the point, writer AG has been pursuing a lengthy journey of his own into the world of comics with his new book.


While growing up in New York, AG always had a passion for the comics and animation industry. Core is his first project in the industry, but it is his love of writing that has directed the ship he hopes will lead him to a steady professional career in comics.

Despite keeping a level of anonymity, AG is excited to have a project that anyone can check out and he looks forward to feedback from the Pronto community.