Pronto Presents: Lawyer Dave Kozlowski

Pronto Presents: Lawyer Dave Kozlowski
By David Rondinelli

Dave KozlowskiPronto Comics welcomes Dave Kozlowski as their new legal representative. Kozlowski is a Bridgeport, CT, native who, in addition to his law background, balances being a fan and a sports enthusiast by playing baseball, football—and Nintendo.

After graduating from Western Connecticut State University with a history degree, Dave bounced around the country working for a fraternity, waiting tables, and selling ad space in college sports program books. Along the way, he attended St. John’s University School of Law, then went on to clerk for a federal judge, worked in Manhattan at a national law firm, and recently opened his own law practice representing businesses and entrepreneurs.

With an already full background, it doesn’t end there for Kozlowski, as he is also a fiction writer.

For many creators, the business side of their art can be unfamiliar territory, but is nonetheless important. Kozlowski’s insights into the legal side of creating comics are a priceless tool that all up-and-coming creators should take to heart.