Hello Pronto Comics,

Is everyone ready for NYCC!!!

Here is what Pronto Comics is doing this year for the con:

Books and Booth

Collectors Kingdom has been kind enough to give us a small amount of space at their booth to house our books. The booth # is 126. In return, we’ve agreed to promote the booth as much as possible and bring as much business to it. So if you are going to the con, make sure to talk up Collectors Kingdom Booth 126.

Our New Books

Slice of Life


Blackout 2

American Monsters

Phrases to Pages


Strange Stories – Will be available next week

***Remember though, this is NOT our personal booth, so please do not treat it as such.***



As always we will have a bunch of different ways to promote ourselves this year. We will have postcards, business cards and fliers. If you need any of these text me or message me and we’ll meet up and I’ll give you what you need.

Of course the best promotions are word of mouth. So please talk about Pronto Comics and the books we have. If you can please also talk up our friends and previous guests like Buddy Scalera, Simon Fraser, Ken Knudtsen, Sean Von Gorman, George O’Connor and so on. They’ve all be kind to us and we should be kind to them.

Stop by their tables, if you can buy their books and tell others you may meet how great these people are!



Great ways to talk up new people and new talent is to go to panels. We have comprised a list of the professional panels. They are mostly concentrated on Thursday and Friday.  Here is a link to all the Professional Panels

Saturday there are will be other opportunities to promote:


Kubert School Spotlight 2:30 1A23


Breaking in with Dark Horse 5pm 1A03


Kubert School Portfolio Reviews 7:45 1A15




We’ll be promoting a lot on twitter during the Con. So key things to remember if you are on twitter.


Retweet often preferably from Pronto Comics (@prontocomics) and Collectors Kingdom (@collectorskingd)


Include @NY_Comic_Con in your tweets, if you are following them, they will retween


#NYCC often


Last minute tips


Try to move light, with light bags. Heavy bags will take a toll on the body after 3-4 days. 


Wear comfortable shoes or buy gelling soles.

Use hand sanitizer, Airborne, or supplements to boost your immune system and warding off the after con flu

Bring a charger or extra battery for your smart phones

Try to dress professionally, wear deodorant and shower.

Hope this helps everyone and see you at the con.


Dominic Sparano


Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!

Pronto at MoCCA Fest

This past weekend was the annual Museum of Comics and Comic Art Festival in New York City. Pronto Comics spent the weekend there, looking for new talent, promoting ourselves, recording podcasts, and selling comics and sketches at our booth. In fact, we sold out of almost all the comics we brought! Some of the artists signing and sketching at our booth included Chris Brimacombe, Ellen Stedfeld, and Andrew Rodriguez.

Chris Brimacombe’s sketch of Pronto superheroes.

Ellen Stedfeld’s drawing of some members of the Pronto team.

A creature drawn by Andrew Rodriguez.


I spent most of my time at MoCCA Fest shopping for new comics (and promoting Pronto as I went booth to booth, of course). Here’s a sampling of what I brought home:


“Hey, Four-Eyes!” is a zine all about glasses. This issue features a cover by Derek Kirk Kim (one of my favorites!), plus articles and interviews, and comics from Alec Longstreth, Jonathan Bennett, and Robyn Chapman.


The “Adventure Time” comic books. Signed by the artists, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. My new most prized possession! Too bad they sold out of Issue 3 before I got there.


“In the Hands of Boys,” by Melody Nadia Shickley, and adapted from a story by her mother. The first book was funded by a Xeric grant. Melody’s art is amazing; it has so much movement—and these ones are all graphite!


“Side B: The Music Lover’s Comic Anthology.” Some of the comics are hit-or-miss, but most are great, and include some pretty recognizable names, like Jeffrey Brown, Mitch Clem, and Lucy Knisely (who also drew the cover).


Last are the first three issues of Liz Prince’s “I Swallowed the Key to my Heart,” the follow-up to her adorable and hilarious book, “Will You Still Love Me if I Wet the Bed?” If you haven’t read “Will You…” then go on Amazon.com and buy a copy right now.


One last comic that I absolutely must mention is “Johnny Wander,” by Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota. I ran out of money before I could buy their books (now up to two volumes), but borrowed a copy from a fellow member of Pronto and discovered that I’d missed out big time. “Johnny Wander” is so funny and clever! Plus, the creators will be joining us for a future Pronto meeting and podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, we invited tons of comic creators over to our booth for some short interviews to promote their newest work, including the illustrious Michael Kupperman, “Adventure Time” artist Braden Lamb, “Pissed Off Panda” creator Frank Powers, and “27” writer Charles Soule. We’ll have them all online very soon.

If you missed Pronto at MoCCA Fest, you can catch us this Saturday, May 5, at Print’s Alive! at the Coney Island Museum & Sideshow Theatre. Don’t miss the burlesque show at 9 p.m.!

And finally, on May 20 Pronto will be participating in the annual AIDS Walk in New York City. Please consider donating to our team.

-Leah Hansen


MoCCA Memories

I never get to be the guy behind the table.

Pronto’s table at MoCCA Fest this weekend allowed me to live out a little dream I’d had for a long time. Namely, to be the comics creator behind the table fielding questions instead of the comics fan and/or journalist in front of the table asking them. That’s among the great things about working with Pronto, the way we get things done with collective power (like a booth at the coolest event on the NYC indie comics calendar!) and get to individually enjoy the benefits thereof.

Standing between those Pronto black and red balloons with my fellow creators on Sunday felt good, it felt right to get some recognition (even as small as it was) for all the effort we put into our work and the drive we bring to getting it out there.

You can check out the photos of our booth on Facebook here!

Pronto and The Con

If you are a fan of comics then you know that this past month was the NY Comic Con, and of course Pronto Comics was there.

Though the con was only three days, for Pronto it has been practically a month-long event. From the preparation for the con to the follow-up afterward Pronto has been busy.

Busy with what you may be wondering, well I am glad you asked…

Pronto has been busy getting the word out and growing our ranks. We participated in many panels, most of which were moderated by Buddy Scalera. Whom Pronto would like to thank for his support. We handed out many fliers, talked to editors and connected with fellow creators in all levels of the comic book industry.

To top it off, we held a big meet and greet/portfolio review the following week. Which was attended by many of our new friends from the con.

So now that the big con is over, what’s next for Pronto. Well there are many many possibilities, all of which Pronto is open too.  What specifics I can give you is this: We are growing and we are constantly working on making new comics and looking into new ways of getting you those comics.

The Past and Future Cons

Its Convention Week!

And Pronto is in full speed. Last weekend we had a table at The Big Apple Wizard Con. We sold comics, talked to creators, networked and met MARK MILLAR. If you don’t believe us, just look at our Facebook page.

SEE! We told you!

Here is an eye witness report of the con:

Getting the name of Pronto out
into the public & professional eye was a great success.

The simple yet powerful iconic symbol of the Pronto logo t-shirt made
everyone take notice. Every panel that we attended had four or more
members wearing the shirt which made people take notice. Mark Millar
(KICK-ASS) asked at one point, “What’s up with the P?” While the
general public bombarded him with movie set questions, we asked him
about writing and self-publishing.

We managed to get some books into the hands of Mark Millar for
submission to his CLINT magazine. He was very gracious and said he
would read them. We also made contact with Bill Jemas, former
Editor-in-Chief for Marvel. Thanks to Achilles’ efforts Bill is
interested in hearing from PRONTO due to a new project he is starting
up so we’ll be sending copies of our books to him.

Luis & Izzy made numerous connections with artists like Joe Madereira,
Mark Teixeira & others to inform them of who we are and what we do.
Mark T seemed especially impressed with our efforts and encourages us
to continue.

At one of the late nite drink sessions several of our PRONTO members
sat in a circle with Mark Millar & Mike Cotton (of WIZARD) joked and
asked numerous questions of them. It seemed like one of our regular
informal PRONTO meetings. That was where Mark asked about our shirts
and who we were. There is no doubt he and WIZARD are fully aware of
our presence.

Interest in PRONTO was high. Numerous people took postcards, asked
questions about the collective and signed the mailing list. People
gave us business cards including promoters and professionals. A former
DC colorist even gave us his resume.

All in all, I’d rate WizardWorld NY as a success that gave us numerous
leads to build upon.

This upcoming weekend, look for Pronto at NYCC. Keep a weather eye out for the trademark “P” T-shirt, cause they will be in force.

We will be actively looking to recruit new artists, make new contacts and get our books in the hands of both editors and vendors.

This will be the biggest weekend for Pronto Comics, so come to the con and be a part of it with us.

We look forward to seeing you there!