The September Meeting

Pronto is getting ready for the upcoming Cons.

We will have at least 2 new Pronto books ready for the Cons, Into the Void #2 and Pronto Comics Presents #1. Also we will be releasing a monthly webcomic on our site titled, The Pronto Spectacular.

The Spectacular will feature a script by Achilles Yeldell and each page will be illustrated by a different Pronto artist.

On top of these group projects many writer and artists are preparing their own projects for the upcoming cons. So there will be plenty of product ready and available for the Wizard Con in the first weekend of October. Pronto will have a table at the Con so please feel free to come on by and check us out.

For the following Con at the Javitts Pronto will be a presence. Expect to see the Pronto Crew in full force. We will be brainstorming and strategizing at the upcoming Creative Meeting on Sept 14th at Pronto Pizza.

The following month will be big for Pronto, so make sure you keep in touch and keep watching us.

Getting Perspective

Tomorrow 9/2 is Pronto’s general meeting and workshop.

We’ll be discussing a lot of issues, namely preparing the 2 big conventions coming up in October. We have several projects in the works and hope to have a couple of them on display by convention time.

Also one of our skilled artists will be giving a demonstration on perspective at 9. So if perspective is something that you need to work on or is just something that interested you, come on down.

The meeting will be held at our usual location Pearl Studio’s in room 1202 @ 8pm.