Pronto Presents: Comic Creator Ken Knudtsen

Pronto Presents: Comic Creator Ken Knudtsen
By David Rondinelli

72845_10151016563772835_742622834_12138876_435477765_nKen Knudtsen is a writer and artist who has been a prolific voice in independent comics. Quite the Renaissance man, he’s been a letter, editor, and colorist for SLG Publishing, and is perhaps best known for his own title, My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer. The series follows a male monkey named Jennifer who gets embroiled with Dr. Tunick, a man bent on harvesting the brain energy of people.

A graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, Knudtsen has worked in the comic industry since 2002. He became a regular with Pronto Comics when he hosted a Q&A with our monthly podcast. Knudtsen has also lent his talents to Pronto Comics as a guest judge at our semi-annual Phrases to Pages fundraiser and by illustrating the cover of Blackout #2. Below, Knudtsen shares some tips on how he creates a cover, ways to unblock creative jams, and what’s coming up for him in the future.