Pronto Presents: Artist Chris Brimacombe

Pronto Presents: Artist Chris Brimacombe
By David Rondinelli

Head_Shot01Growing up, Canadian native Chris Brimacombe had to contend with constant cold weather that gave him large amounts of time to kill. With little else to do, he refined his skills and set sights on an expanding portfolio. Today his work displays a wide variety of talents in composition, character design, and visuals that make up highly stylized pages featuring the worlds of fantasy and the macabre.

Brimacombe’s early entry for Pronto was American Monsters, a series that highlights famous American serial killers in a black and white noir style. The gritty books give an unapologetic look at the violent lives of those who did it and tried to get away with it.

Nap Boy is Brimacombe’s newest title with Pronto. A tale that weaves the supernatural with the psychedelic, the story revolves around a young man who dreams of having extraordinary abilities and then wakes up with those same abilities in the real world. As the lead artist, Brimacombe gives us a peek into the world of Nap Boy, while letting us in on a bit of his own life too.