Pronto Comic Con

So it is the time of year when normally there is the NY Comic Con, but no this year. No, this year it won’t happen till October. But Pronto Comics Has you back. This weekend is the Pronto Comic Con!

This Thursday you can check out Pronto on TV, well internet TV, but hey its still a TV show.

Go here to check it out through out the whole month of March:

Saturday is the day that non Pronto Members have been waiting for, it is a Meet and Greet Job Fair. There will be portfolio reviews, networking, workshops and just general collaborating.

So it is a short but sweet blog this week, but an important one we think. Makes sure to check out these events if you can!

A Whole Lot of Pronto News A Goin On

Where to being, where to being Pronto fans, there is just so much to talk about.

First, a quick apology about not making the blog last week, due to the snow we here at Pronto comics we just a little busy digging out from the blizzard, but don’t fret! Here is a ton of news related to your new favorite comic’s group.

Pronto Comic Con

That’s right, Pronto is having a comic con. I don’t know about you but I am jonesing to geek out like there is no tomorrow,  and the Pronto Comic Con will be the first event of the year that I can.

The event will break down as follows:

Thursday, Feb. 25


Ray Crisara, Garry Price and Achilles Yeldell do an interview about Pronto Comics for this internet talk show! Episode will air on the website throughout the month of March.

Friday, Feb. 26


Members of Pronto Comics get to sit down with DC Comics editor Mike Siglain as we brainstorm for the next anthologies and future projects of Pronto.

7pm, PEARL STUDIOS, 500 8Ave (betw 35 and 36 st), 12th floor

Saturday, Feb 27


All writers and artists (new and old) share their portfolios and network for job opportunities. People will also be able to submit samples for paying gigs (so far there’s 4 for pencilers and 2 for colorists). We’ll also workshops on lettering, coloring and formatting your files for publication!

2-5PM, PEARL STUDIOS, 500 8Ave (betw 35 and 36 st), Penthouse 1, access thru 12th floor

 Dial Zero

James Babbo has put out his next chapter in his online comic, Dial Zero. You can check out the comic here:

Zuda Submission and Pronto Exclusive

It wouldn’t be a Pronto blog, without mentioning Dumok. He is currently in the process of working on two webcomics. One will be a submission to DC Comics webcomic division, Zuda comics. The other will be a Pronto Exclusive! The buzz is that it will be his Shadow Root storyline. So just in case it is, here is the link to make sure you are all caught up on it:

Pronto Anthologies

We have now entered into the coloring and lettering phase of our latest Pronto anthology. Which puts us right on track to have it ready for the Mocca Festival in April. Also there are other anthology ideas in the works By Achilles Yeldell and James Babbo. So we will have plenty of content coming out over the next couple of months.

Jorel Lonesome’s Article on Batman the Cult

Writers must write and so here is a new article from Jorel Lonsesome:

Of course we hear many success stories of somebody making it from rags to riches, a poor man’s dream becoming a reality, stories of people who worked hard from rock bottom to reach the prosperous promise land. Believing is important. It’s the key to success and without believing in some kind of spiritual power source whether within yourself or a supreme being it’s almost impossible to overcome the obstacles in you’re life right? But what if your beliefs, which you hold so dearly for gain involves taking extreme measures affecting the living around you?

 Not too long ago I’ve read Batman’s the Cult, written by Jim Starlin, drawn by Bernie Wrightson. In this book, Batman is really being tested here. It’s a creeping tale of Batman abducted from a charismatic manipulating figure disguised as priest, Deacon Blackfire. Batman battles his sanity while starving to death, trying to knock Deacon’s views of how society should operate. Does Batman overcome the cult that continuously attempts seizing his will? I suggest picking up the book to find out!

 Deacon premeditates his repugnant acts by recruiting homeless men to join him in his controversial cult with a routine of spreading his religious practices ceaselessly to any individual captured. He confines and starves his victims, meanwhile lectures his own religion. From the fulfillment of starvation, the victim looses his mind as Deacons teachings sinks into their souls blocking them from being an individual, dissolving their senses, replacing whatever thoughts their brain carry out with Deacon’s so called “words of justice”. Blackfire conducts a torturing process I’m sure everyone wouldn’t want to experience.


 Overall Deacon Blackfire had a belief and he stuck with it using clever manipulation of passing it on to his victims to grow his following. For a period of time he actually cleaned the streets of Gotham city, eliminating all the pushers, pimps and crooks to show the innocent bystander he is here to save them from harm, eliminating the scum of Gotham. But towards the end of the story it turned out Deacon was a fake all along and has a criminal background bringing Batman to a conclusion that Deacon is just a felon that used a brainwashing technique to help give him power. All he wanted was to take over the city and who knows if his cult and obsessive worshipping would wear away as he goes back to his criminal ways so he can gain wealth. All along he was looking out for himself, sinning for greed.

 When people attend their domain of worship, it’s not just for the greater good of their lives it’s also because they believe in some kind of significance that will help them become successful at any goal they want to achieve. What if we really get introduced to a person similar to Deacon Blackfire? What if his/her view of serving humanity attracts the masses directing the populace in their aspect of how the world seems? What would stop them? What would stop us? Anything’s possible and that my friends, is scary.

And that’s all the Pronto Comics news we have for this week!