April ProntoCast: Andrea Grant

On April 5th Pronto Cast featured our very first female guest for the podcast: writer, poet, and all-around Renaissance woman Andrea Grant.

Andrea is currently continuing work on her self-published comic, “Minx.” Minx (the character) is a half Native American resident of New York City who falls into a coma after a vicious attack and wakes up in an alternate reality called Dreamtime. The story features elements from Andrea’s own Native American heritage, as well as “Greek mythology, Taoist philosophy, and the classic archetypes developed by Joseph Campbell.”

Andrea writes the comic (“I can’t draw,” she says). The first four issues of “Minx” were recently collected into trade paperback format, and can be purchased through her website, or in stores through Diamond Comic Distributors (if you can’t find it, ask your local comic retailer to order it).

If the comic’s title sounds familiar, you may be thinking of DC’s cancelled “Minx” imprint of graphic novels aimed at teen girls. Interestingly, DC actually sent a cease and desist letter to Andrea over the shared name, and a lawsuit resulted. But “Minx” the alias first appeared in 2001 and the planning for DC’s imprint began several years later.

“Minx” is a self-publishing success story. Andrea felt that no publisher would “get it,” and that it was up to her to make the comic the best it could be, instead of relying on a traditional publisher. She found her artists by “walking around a comic con,” and got the work out there by simply pounding the pavement. “People will sense your passion, and value that,” she says.

Now the first three issues are sold out on Andrea’s site, there’s a full-color graphic novel, and the series has been written up in The Village Voice, Newsarama, Examiner.com, and a slew of other publications and websites. It’s an inspiration to all us self-publishers.

Andrea can be followed on Twitter @copiousamounts. The entire podcast will be up on Pronto Wednesday April 25th.

-Leah Hansen