So the big Pronto news this week is tomorrows meeting, and tomorrows meeting is about the Marvel comics editor Nick Lowe coming to talk to Pronto.!/event.php?eid=128363850530685&ref=mf

For anyone who’d like more information on our guest, we have provided some links:

Here is an interview he gave:

And his wikipedia entry:

Our ever expanding network

So today in the Pronto Universe, we’d like to talk about our expanding network.

An Evening with Nick Lowe

As some may know Pronto was born out of Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience class. That class includes learning from both DC and Marvel editors. Back in February the DC editor, Mike Siglain, visited us. This July 1st, X-men editor Nick Lowe will come to Pronto to talk about breaking in and giving us his advice on comics in general. Check it out here:!/event.php?eid=128363850530685&ref=mf

Social Network

We are very proud of our ever expanding network. Currently we have 266 fans on facebook:!/pages/New-York-NY/Prontocomicscom/156935806267?ajaxpipe=1&__a=7

Over 70 friends on Myspace from all over the country:

And finally 90 followers on Twitter:

So please feel free to join the network.


Finally we are still raising funds on our Kickstarter project, we are almost half way there:

And that’s whats happening in Pronto

A ton of things

So its been awhile since we had a blog post, so there is a lot to get too.

First: Kickstarter

Pronto is taking part in a fundraising program titles Kickstarter. It’s a way for us to raise money for future projects (printing costs), conventions and other forms of promotion. Please go here to learn how you can help and support us:

Second: Into the Void

We’ve released our thrid and newest book, Into the Void.

Third: Philly Con 2010

Pronto had a table at the recent Philly Con this past weekend. We got a lot of buzz, sold over 20 of our books and took commissions from potential new fans. You can check out our photos from the event on a Facebook page.

Four: what’s coming up

Pronto is now gearing up for the summer and the upcoming convention season. Currently we have several new titles in the works, new anthologies and several other projects. come the fall we will have a presence at the 2 big conventions as well.

Pronto is in a constant state of expansion and always looking for new members, so if you are interested visit us at