The Past and Future Cons

Its Convention Week!

And Pronto is in full speed. Last weekend we had a table at The Big Apple Wizard Con. We sold comics, talked to creators, networked and met MARK MILLAR. If you don’t believe us, just look at our Facebook page.

SEE! We told you!

Here is an eye witness report of the con:

Getting the name of Pronto out
into the public & professional eye was a great success.

The simple yet powerful iconic symbol of the Pronto logo t-shirt made
everyone take notice. Every panel that we attended had four or more
members wearing the shirt which made people take notice. Mark Millar
(KICK-ASS) asked at one point, “What’s up with the P?” While the
general public bombarded him with movie set questions, we asked him
about writing and self-publishing.

We managed to get some books into the hands of Mark Millar for
submission to his CLINT magazine. He was very gracious and said he
would read them. We also made contact with Bill Jemas, former
Editor-in-Chief for Marvel. Thanks to Achilles’ efforts Bill is
interested in hearing from PRONTO due to a new project he is starting
up so we’ll be sending copies of our books to him.

Luis & Izzy made numerous connections with artists like Joe Madereira,
Mark Teixeira & others to inform them of who we are and what we do.
Mark T seemed especially impressed with our efforts and encourages us
to continue.

At one of the late nite drink sessions several of our PRONTO members
sat in a circle with Mark Millar & Mike Cotton (of WIZARD) joked and
asked numerous questions of them. It seemed like one of our regular
informal PRONTO meetings. That was where Mark asked about our shirts
and who we were. There is no doubt he and WIZARD are fully aware of
our presence.

Interest in PRONTO was high. Numerous people took postcards, asked
questions about the collective and signed the mailing list. People
gave us business cards including promoters and professionals. A former
DC colorist even gave us his resume.

All in all, I’d rate WizardWorld NY as a success that gave us numerous
leads to build upon.

This upcoming weekend, look for Pronto at NYCC. Keep a weather eye out for the trademark “P” T-shirt, cause they will be in force.

We will be actively looking to recruit new artists, make new contacts and get our books in the hands of both editors and vendors.

This will be the biggest weekend for Pronto Comics, so come to the con and be a part of it with us.

We look forward to seeing you there!