Gonna Party in The Bronx

So the big event for Pronto this week will be a small Comic con in The Bronx. The Pronto Crew will be there representing the newest most exciting company in comics today.

For more information aqbout this event you can either go to our events page:


Or you can go right to the source:


Aside from Pronto there will be workshops, floorshops, free comics and other features through the day.

So make sure you come by and check it out.

Mocca, The Bronx, and Philly

Mocca Recap

So first about Mocca. By all accounts it was a rousing success for us. We sold just under 30 books and grew a lot of interest in our company. There was an excellent crowd and a great energy throughout the festival. We can’t wait for our next upcoming venues! 

Our Next Venues

So the Pronto Crew is on  the role. After a successful weekend at Mocca, Pronto is moving full steam ahead. Our next outing will be in a couple of week in The Bronx: http://www.bronxheroescomiccon.com/

After that we can be seen in the city of brotherly love: http://www.wizardworld.com/home-pa.html

At Philadelphia we hope to unveil several new books and projects as well, which can’t be talked about too much yet. What can be said that one might be hellish, one might be in a bold new frontier, another could be the best of the best and there is always a chance of the spectacular.

So keep a weather eye out on the road, because Pronto Comics will be hitting hard in the weeks ahead.

Pronto Comics at Mocca This Weekend

Well this Pronto Blog Update is all about Mocca

You can check out what we’re talking about here:http://www.moccany.com/

And the event we will be attending: http://www.moccany.com/content/mocca-festival

We will be promoting our previous anthology For a Price as well as our current new project Kicked.

Pronto comics will, as always be looking for new talent during the festival, as well as holding a give away raffle for a new iPod Shuffle.

So make sure you come down to Mocca and check out the hottest new comic group in the industry.