System Failure Signing

Recently on July 16th Josh Cabrera and Ben Schwartz signed copies of their new book System Failure at Collectors Kingdom in Huntington Station, Long Island.

The signing was a product of Pronto’s June meeting that featured Mike Bradley, owner and operator of Collectors Kingdom. Mike came down to Pronto to discuss the best strategies for independent publishers to get into stores. You can read his advice to Pronto in  an earlier posting.

After the meeting Josh and Ben took the initiative and asked Mike about doing a signing at his shop, a few phone calls later and a date was set.

The signing turned out to be a great success for Josh, Ben and System Failure with approximately 30 copies being sold as well as Ben doing sketches for fans. As the signing was happening Mike shared a little more advice about the benefits of signings:

You don’t have to compete for attention with other creators, like at a convention.

All the money made is profit, since there is no overhead for a table and the signed copies were selling for $5.

It is direct interaction with the comics fan base.

Every book sold is to a brand new fan.

To see photos from the signing you can go here, to keep on top of all the Pronto news, job listings and general fandom feel free to like our facebook page, and as always to read our latest comics go to

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