Hello Pronto Comics,

Is everyone ready for NYCC!!!

Here is what Pronto Comics is doing this year for the con:

Books and Booth

Collectors Kingdom has been kind enough to give us a small amount of space at their booth to house our books. The booth # is 126. In return, we’ve agreed to promote the booth as much as possible and bring as much business to it. So if you are going to the con, make sure to talk up Collectors Kingdom Booth 126.

Our New Books

Slice of Life


Blackout 2

American Monsters

Phrases to Pages


Strange Stories – Will be available next week

***Remember though, this is NOT our personal booth, so please do not treat it as such.***



As always we will have a bunch of different ways to promote ourselves this year. We will have postcards, business cards and fliers. If you need any of these text me or message me and we’ll meet up and I’ll give you what you need.

Of course the best promotions are word of mouth. So please talk about Pronto Comics and the books we have. If you can please also talk up our friends and previous guests like Buddy Scalera, Simon Fraser, Ken Knudtsen, Sean Von Gorman, George O’Connor and so on. They’ve all be kind to us and we should be kind to them.

Stop by their tables, if you can buy their books and tell others you may meet how great these people are!



Great ways to talk up new people and new talent is to go to panels. We have comprised a list of the professional panels. They are mostly concentrated on Thursday and Friday.  Here is a link to all the Professional Panels

Saturday there are will be other opportunities to promote:


Kubert School Spotlight 2:30 1A23


Breaking in with Dark Horse 5pm 1A03


Kubert School Portfolio Reviews 7:45 1A15




We’ll be promoting a lot on twitter during the Con. So key things to remember if you are on twitter.


Retweet often preferably from Pronto Comics (@prontocomics) and Collectors Kingdom (@collectorskingd)


Include @NY_Comic_Con in your tweets, if you are following them, they will retween


#NYCC often


Last minute tips


Try to move light, with light bags. Heavy bags will take a toll on the body after 3-4 days. 


Wear comfortable shoes or buy gelling soles.

Use hand sanitizer, Airborne, or supplements to boost your immune system and warding off the after con flu

Bring a charger or extra battery for your smart phones

Try to dress professionally, wear deodorant and shower.

Hope this helps everyone and see you at the con.


Dominic Sparano


Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!