Pronto Presents: Technician & Videographer Ignacio Jaramillo

Pronto Presents: Technician & Videographer Ignacio Jaramillo
By David Rondinelli

jaramillo headshotTechnician and artist Ignacio Jaramillo has been a part of Pronto Comics almost since its inception. Born in Queens, New York, Jaramillo is a graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he received his BA in Media Arts and Animation in 2006. Helping to progress Pronto, Jaramillo has seen the publisher evolve from a small meet-up group to a full-blown company. Providing many of the video trailers for various Pronto comic titles, he helps to bring marketing awareness with unique animated trailers that emphasize the individual style of each book. An avid gamer, Jaramillo is no stranger to the deep bond that comics and video games share. Learn more about the process of what it takes to connect the wires with the technical side of comics as, this month, Pronto Presents Ignacio Jaramillo.

Pronto Present: You are best known for a lot of the technical stuff you do for Pronto Comics. What are some of the things you have done for them in a technical aspect?

Ignacio Jaramillo: I basically edit videos from raw footage taken at events like “Phrases to Pages” or our back-in-the-day Kickstarter video and motion graphic trailers for comics. It’s a pretty sweet gig, since I get an early glimpse of the comic before it goes public.

PP: You’ve created a number of trailers for some of Pronto’s titles. What goes into making a comic book trailer?

IJ: First off, I need a digital copy of the comic, preferably in jpeg form; I can get around it if it isn’t. Next off, is to read it to have an idea on how to approach it. I then brainstorm for a while and make notes. I then download the sounds I need; is quite awesome for all your sound needs. I then apply my notes in video editing software. In this order: I give proper texts to the trailer, dump the images, apply effects, pans, and zooms where needed, dump the sounds, and finally adjust the sound levels. I always convert the finished product into a Quicktime movie.

PP: What is the most challenging trailer you’ve made for Pronto?

IJ: That would have to go to Manga Nation volumes 1 and 2. At the time, I was re-learning how to adjust sound levels and the approach I wanted to make it subtitled. I had to use Google Translate to get both sound and translation.

PP: What are some of the other things you have worked on with Pronto? Have you written or drawn anything?

IJ: I have drawn stories as well as colored someone else’s drawings in the past for Pronto, but I’ve never written anything for them.

PP: How did you come to join Pronto and how long have you been with the group?

IJ: I have been with Pronto almost since the beginning. I was at New York ComicCon in 2008 or 2009, where I met Siege Perilous [a writer for the group] and was then directed to a bunch of enthusiasts. At the time, we met at Pronto Pizza. At the time, we were working on our first group project called For a Price.

PP: What do you enjoy most about the comic book medium?

IJ: I enjoy the penciling stages because that’s when you see a story come to life! It reminds me a lot of storyboarding.

PP: What are you reading right now?

IJ: I am currently reading The Walking Dead.

PP: Do you remember the first comic book or character that made an impression on you?

IJ: I went in and out of comics in my childhood. My town at the time did not have a comic shop, so I didn’t know what I was missing out on at the time. My first real comic binge was Udon’s Street Fighter comic, when it first started back in 2002 or 2003. I’m really into Street Fighter so it was cool to see a Street Fighter comic done right!

PP: Aside from comics, what are some of your other hobbies or interests?

IJ: I enjoy animating when I get a chance. I watch cartoons and play video games.

PP: What are some of the new things we can expect to see from you for Pronto Comics? In addition, do you have any upcoming projects of your own?

IJ: Good question…I had ideas that formed and then fell flat on my face, ha ha. Seriously, though, I think I would like to give writing a shot some time before the year is out. Some time in the future, I’d like to perform some sort of animation for Pronto, be it simple or otherwise.

To learn more about Ignacio Jaramillo, check out some of his videos below or visit

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