Advice from Jamal Igle


At November’s monthly meeting, Jamal Igle was kind enough to speak to Pronto. Jamal can be described as nothing less then a consummate professional. He has worked on Nightwing, G.I. Joe, Firestorm, and Green Lantern, just to name a few titles. He has been called a triple threat: talented, reliable, and pleasant to work with! Here is the advice he gave Pronto:
On Breaking In
Started as an intern
Held onto his editorial contacts from interning
Get editors business cards
Ask if you can show them your portfolio
Have work online
Deviant Art is important
On Pitching
Bank as much material as you can
Have at least 3 issues done
The business has changed because of lawsuits (ie, DC + Marvel won’t read unsolicited pitches)
On Getting Work
He made the decision early on that he would work in comics no matter what.
Took whatever job he could get for whatever money
Wore a lot of hats
Independent work indirectly led to getting comics work
Be aware Indies will low-ball you
Know what your time is worth
You can’t just put anything out there (focus on quality)
Ape and Arcana are good to new talent
The playing field is very high; you are competing with pros, even in independents
Make sure your game is tight, on par with Marvel, DC, IDW and so on
On Staying in
Have a good work ethic
Work even when you don’t want to draw
Stay on schedule, even if you don’t have motivation
When you are working on a monthly, you are behind schedule most of the time
Don’t expect to have references supplied
Average 1 page a day
On Craft
Concentrate on storytelling not style
Everyone is an individual
If it is in the script, try to get it on the page
Focus on character first; build around the character
Create complete personalities
The character will dictate his/her world
Super hero comics should have 4 to 6 panels per page
More panels slow down beats of time
On Money
If you have a day job, hold onto it
There is a financial toll for doing creator-owned work
You need 12 issues, a solid year, to gauge your sales

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