Advice from DC’s “Answer Man”

It was during our August meeting that DC’s “Answer Man” Bob Rozakis visited Pronto Comics. Bob got his start in comics working on the pro-zine “The Amazing world of DC Comics.” While working at DC he worked on (either as a writer or editor) Superman, Action Comics, Detective Comics, and ‘Mazin Man. Between 1981 and 1998 he ran DC’s production department.

While talking to Pronto Comics, he gave an informative and entertaining talk about the history of comics and graciously answered our questions, while imparting advice to us.

– Currently people are looking for entertainment.

– Better to get one good stand alone issue, then 12 padded issues.

– Tell as story in an issue. Give the audience their monies worth. It worked well for early Vertigo.

– Companies need to pay attention to what is coming up and trending.

– Trends cycle every 10 to 15 years.

– Creator owned independents is the most innovative work.

– The big 2’s mindset is-“this is what we do and that’s it.”

– Pronto is an ideal spot, because we are publishing and getting something done.

– Pronto should build a fan base and show we can sell.

– Try to appeal to younger readers, but make sure you pick your age carefully.

– Kids are interested, but price is a factor.

– Comics have gotten caught up in Trade Paper Back fever.

– Print-on-demand levels the playing field.

– Everything is going digital.



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