A new year for Pronto

As the new year is upon us, pronto comics has many things in the works.

Here are just a couple of things that you, loyal fan, can look forward too:

New Comics – Currently we have several anthologies in several states of production. A new issue of Into the Void will be coming out soon, as will the long-awaited War Anthology. Many of our writers and artists are also working on individual projects so expect new work there such as a new issue of System Failure by Josh Cabrera and Ben Schwartz.

New places to get our comics – We are constantly looking for new venues both online and in new shops. So makes sure to keep visiting Prontocomics.com to find out where you can buy them.

More Special Guests – This month Pronto will host DC penciller and comic book professional Christ Batista. All are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held Thursday, January 6th @ 8pm at Pearl Studios (500 8th Ave) in the penthouse.

More Convention Appearence – Want to meet the men and women behind Pronto Comics, but can’t make one of the meeting. Come and check us out at the next upcoming convention. As of now, we are planning on attending Mocca, so mark it on your calendar.

So that is a small preview of what’s going on with Pronto Comics in the new year. Keep coming back for more updates.

Dominic Sparano


Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!

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