Pronto and The Con

If you are a fan of comics then you know that this past month was the NY Comic Con, and of course Pronto Comics was there.

Though the con was only three days, for Pronto it has been practically a month-long event. From the preparation for the con to the follow-up afterward Pronto has been busy.

Busy with what you may be wondering, well I am glad you asked…

Pronto has been busy getting the word out and growing our ranks. We participated in many panels, most of which were moderated by Buddy Scalera. Whom Pronto would like to thank for his support. We handed out many fliers, talked to editors and connected with fellow creators in all levels of the comic book industry.

To top it off, we held a big meet and greet/portfolio review the following week. Which was attended by many of our new friends from the con.

So now that the big con is over, what’s next for Pronto. Well there are many many possibilities, all of which Pronto is open too.  What specifics I can give you is this: We are growing and we are constantly working on making new comics and looking into new ways of getting you those comics.

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