Lets get social

For those that are interested tomorrow will be Pronto’s 1st social. It is open to everyone and anyone. No matter if you have been involved with Pronto from the beginning, came aboard mid year or are currently contemplating joining up with us now. Also if you are a fan, friend or family of Pronto we would love to have you come as well.

Honestly this evening is all about pizza, beer and comics. So if you want to talk about making them great! If you want to talk about what Pronto has made Great! And if you just want to talk about how Spider-man has sucked since Brand New Day, how Bendis has a strange obsession with all things Avengers, how Grant Morrison’s Batman story line might be one of his most confusing of all time, or all the above plus a little more, then GREAT!!!

We at Pronto hope to see you Thurs July 22nd @ 7pm at Pronto Pizza on 41st between broadway and 6th ave.

See you then!

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