Pronto is 1 year old!

Tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary of Pronto Comics very first meeting. It is amazing to recollect on this year and see the amount of growth that has occurred. What began as an idea for a 1 time project, by the graduates of Andy Schmidt’s Comic’s Experience has grown into its own expanding entity.

In one year Pronto Comics has gone from an apartment, to a pizza restaurant, to Pearl Studios in midtown. We have put out 2 anthologies with plans for a Space Anthology, War Anthology, bimonthly title and an Annual event. We have participated in Mocca, The Bronx Comic-Con and will be at the Philly Con as well. Currently we have a blog, a website and a pressence on facebook, twitter, youtube and myspace.

Now the question will be, what comes next? Where will Pronto be in a year? If we continue our exponential growth, there is no telling where Pronto will be, what stories we will create and what goals we can achieve.

Overall though, we would be no where without our friends and family who believe in us, and have been our first fans, long before Pronto was ever conceived. So we at Pronto want to thank you for all the support and keep watching Pronto to see where we will go next.

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