Many things but not much to talk about

This is an interesting week in Pronto Comics. There is A Lot going, A LOT! But at the same time we don’t want to give too much away, until things are absolutely certain.

First off though we are proud to present Pronto On TV.

Go to this site to see Pronto’s own, Achilles, Gary and Ray as they are interviewed on a local and internet talk show, Talking About: Talking About Pronto Comics

Now as for what we can only hint at:

There are a lot of tentative projects in the works with a due date of the second week of June. It is Pronto’s hope that not only will be have a booth at the Mocca festival (April 9th and 10th) but also the Wizard Con in Philadelphia (June 11th and 12th).

What projects you ask?

Well we will say that one project will be Spectacular, another project will feature Pronto’s best on a regular basis, and finally there will be 2 new anthologies involving a final frontier and hellish circumstances.

Finally we are proud to say that our new anthology Kicked will be available for the Mocca Festival, so get ready to get your new Pronto anthology.

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