Pronto Presents: Lawyer Dave Kozlowski

Pronto Presents: Lawyer Dave Kozlowski
By David Rondinelli

Dave KozlowskiPronto Comics welcomes Dave Kozlowski as their new legal representative. Kozlowski is a Bridgeport, CT, native who, in addition to his law background, balances being a fan and a sports enthusiast by playing baseball, football—and Nintendo.

After graduating from Western Connecticut State University with a history degree, Dave bounced around the country working for a fraternity, waiting tables, and selling ad space in college sports program books. Along the way, he attended St. John’s University School of Law, then went on to clerk for a federal judge, worked in Manhattan at a national law firm, and recently opened his own law practice representing businesses and entrepreneurs.

With an already full background, it doesn’t end there for Kozlowski, as he is also a fiction writer.

For many creators, the business side of their art can be unfamiliar territory, but is nonetheless important. Kozlowski’s insights into the legal side of creating comics are a priceless tool that all up-and-coming creators should take to heart.

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Pronto Presents: Artist Joe Wigfield

Pronto Presents: Joe Wigfield
By David Rondinelli

joe wigfieldJoe Wigfield is one of Pronto Comics’ newest artists. His work is featured in the third issue of Pronto’s ongoing horror anthology, Deathology #3, in which Wigfield draws the story “The Knock,” a tale about a young woman who goes to great lengths to resurrect her prince “charming.”

Wigfield grew up in central Pennsylvania, and later earned a degree in graphic design and computer animation from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. There, he developed both education and enthusiasm, and refined his illustration skills. Since then, he has gone onto work in commercial printing, as well as doing character and card designs to bolster his growing portfolio. His love of comics is still with him, as he aims to make it a full-time career as a penciler and inker.

Here, Wigfield opens up about his process, what he likes most about comics, and what you can catch him doing next.

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Pronto Presents: Writer Steve Lucarelli

Pronto Presents: Writer Steve Lucarelli
By David Rondinelli

Steve LucarelliSteve Lucarelli scares up the living dead as the writer of “The Knock” in the third volume of Deathology, Pronto Comics’ horror anthology. This Hamilton, NJ resident is an avid lover all things superheroes, which makes his detour into horror a new step.

Lucarelli discovered the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and Stan Lee’s cartoon show Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends in his youth, which stirred a desire to read and create comics. Encouragement as a writer started as early as 5th grade for Lucarelli, when his teacher let him write a weekly series called The Sonic Revengers. After scripting and drawing the series himself, his class would then act it out.

Lucarelli’s heroes and world-building stayed with him even after he graduated from Rider University with a degree in English. It would prove to be good inspiration while he worked for three years as head writer for Old Bridge, NJ-based video game developer Digital Embryo. Not only did his creativity find a home there, but it’s also where he met his wife Suzie, another Rider graduate.

As he continues to create new characters, Lucarelli aims to inspire a new generation of readers with his work, just as he did all those years ago.

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Pronto Presents: Writer Cedrick Lui

Pronto Presents Cedrick Lui
By David Rondinelli

DSC01020Cedrick Lui is an Ottawa native whose work is showcased in Pronto’s Strange Stories #6. Feeling a creative urge and possessing a love of comics the young writer has taken the surreal approach with his first story for Pronto Comics, “Son of God.”, Lui’s character-driven approach to storytelling is paired with the dynamic art of illustrator C.H. Kim. The two have started a new Pronto Comics duo that we hope to see more of. Read more about Lui and his approach to comic book writing as he opens up about his creative approach, his inspiration, and what we can expect to see from him in the future.

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Pronto Comics Fundraiser on Indiegogo

Pronto has launched its very first Indiegogo campaign! We’re trying to raise $4,500 to cover operating costs for the rest of the year, and we’re currently a third of the way to our goal! You can donate here: Any amount helps, and all contributions, even as little as $5, come with a great perk! Check out our press release below and pass it along (click to view full size and/or download). Thank you to all our supporters!

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